• 'Drop-in' OpenAPI Solution for 2015 Edition Certification

    First Open API Certified for MU3

  • Meaningful data sharing around any healthcare system or medical device.

    The Internet of Interoperable Things™

  • Plug-and-play platform with 100% FHIR compliant documentation.

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  • Custom built applications let customers drive interoperability requirements.

    Enabling Community Care Goals

Carefluence developed its OpenAPI platform over two years as a cohesive, self-contained, drop-in implementation of FHIR standards to facilitate an ONC certified OpenAPI framework for EMR/PHRs, HIEs, ISVs and other Health IT applications. Designed to demystify interoperability, Carefluence opens the lines of communication between dissimilar systems and removes the barriers of technology that hinder collaboration. EHR Vendors, ISV Developers and healthcare communities can now save time and costs on data portability across healthcare systems, devices, and data formats.

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