Plug-and-play platform enabling MU3 standards with 100% FHIR® compliant documentation

Carefluence has developed a plug-and-play platform enabling MU3 standards with 100% FHIR® compliant documentation for APIs. Not only can vendors easily comply with meaningful use standards, but now, with Carefluence, a new kind of health information technology applications can be written to access data from a medical organization’s database for IT applications making them more contextually meaningful. Carefluence offers light weight, secure web access and enables many innovative mobile applications including SMART on FHIR® application hosting.


The Internet of Interoperable Things™ Services

Empowered Interoperability for Developers and Independent Software Vendors

The Internet of Interoperable Things Services include MU3 testing and support, data translations and content mapping, and application development.

MU3 Testing and Support

With the next stage of Meaningful Use Certification, EMRs will require open API communication. Carefluence® provides an open API platform with FHIR® capability for vendors to build on, test their respective applications, and offer support for open APIs in a way that meets certification criteria with FHIR® for meaningful use certification.

  • Save work effort to provide open APIs
  • Reduced development time and cost
  • Eliminate errors and loss of production due to ineffective demonstrations of open API capabilities during meaningful use certification
Data Translation/Content Mapping

Many gaps are found in data translation from dissimilar standards in current interoperability platforms utilized for HIEs, Applications, and EMRs. For ISVs requiring a way to effectively communicate between dissimilar data standards, Carefluence® offers a FHIR® transformer platform that provides one-time content mapping services from HL7® or CCDA standards to XML or JSON FHIR® standards.

  • Shorten implementation time
  • Eliminate the need for frequent manual mapping for standardized communication
  • Track all data messages with the Carefluence® dashboard to ensure data messages are being communicated properly utilizing FHIR® standards
App Development/Interoperability

Translation of data from one application to an EHR requires a keen knowledge of standards and several hours of normalization for each implementation. Care€fluence® provides an infrastructure for ISVs to build applications around the Carefl€uence® platform. Care€fluence® facilitates interoperability utilizing FHIR® standards and connectivity for seamless data integration with EHRs.

  • Meet interoperability standards
  • Standardized communication with EHR data
  • Develop contextually meaningful healthcare applications
  • Save time on application development
  • Interface at a data element level
  • Eliminate cost of internal industry experts and content mapping costs
  • Broaden the market for application developers



Community Manager



API for Developers

API for Developers

  1. Cross Platform development toolkit with RESTful APIs
  2. Secure Delegated Access to Server via oAuth2.0
  3. Sandbox Environment for App Development
  4. Configurable Clinical Data Viewer to embed in other web based Systems
  5. Open and Flexible Platform to work with any other Interface Engine in the Market
Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools

  1. Tools to manage interfaces and connections between systems involved in the Community
  2. Business Rules Engine to route the data appropriately
  3. Tools to troubleshoot, debug and verify the cause of the problems
  4. Abstract database modeler and templates to re-use the knowledge
Healthcare Standards

Healthcare Standards

  1. FHIR specification
  2. HL7, ASC X12, X12 EDI and XML
  3. CCDA
  4. Direct Project Specification