Care Coordination

Bringing Physician Communities Together

Carefluence offers interoperability that allows health communities to monitor analyze, and control utilization of healthcare services while optimizing costs and ensuring quality of care across an entire community.

Carefluence enables care coordination within communities with dissimilar electronic health record technologies, while reducing the growth in care expenditures through enhanced care coordination and preventive care support. Carefluence fits into any health network to achieve goal driven objectives and meaningful interoperability.

Community EHR Integration

  • View, update and manage data across dissimilar EHR systems
  • Provides a common user interface for clinical summaries
  • Connect patient care teams, reduce repetitive testing, and keep costs low

Clinical Process Modeler

  • Aids cost savings by allowing communities to define guidelines for preventative care yields prompted actions associated with the patient record with the patient record within the EHR

Population Health and Financial Reports

  • Generate and search reports based on clinical and financial data across all participating community members for proper trend management and reporting purposes

Referral Appointment Scheduler

  • The Referral Appointment Scheduler encourages referrals within the community with an integrated physician community scheduling system


  • Drive interoperability requirements with applications the community really needs
  • Share secure data in meaningful context for efficient community based care processes

Agnostic Patient Portal

  • One common patient portal aids in portability of care throughout the community
  • Reduced cost and time to develop and maintain patient portals

No Cost Electronic Health Records

As a Carefluence customer, you will gain the advantage of offering an Electronic Health Record system to those participating physicians who have yet to implement an Electronic Health Records system for little or no cost to them. Carefluence offers a robust Electronic Health Records and Practice Management software courtesy of ModuleMD®.  

ModuleMD® offers a flexible software suite, ModuleMD WISE™, with customizable features for each specialty and practice preference. ModuleMD WISE™ is designed to be intuitive for automatic connectivity to the Carefluence® platform.

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