About Us

About Carefluence

Carefluence leads the way in interoperability technology and thinking.  With an early adoption of FHIR® and contribution to the goals of data exchange and data normalization over the years, Carefluence became the first platform in the country to be certified by the ONC for its Open API framework. With more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare technology arena, the Carefluence team saw firsthand the need for a streamlined and standardized approach to interoperability solutions. The team behind Carefluence brought their expertise in healthcare technology platforms and interoperability APIs together to build and service ecosystems of connected care.

The Carefluence Platform

The Carefluence Platform was designed to demystify interoperability allowing communication between dissimilar systems and bringing healthcare communities together. By removing the barriers of technology differences that hinder collaboration, healthcare communities can save time and costs on data portability across healthcare systems. The Carefluence Platform also brings the Internet of Interoperable Things® to healthcare communities and lets the customer drive interoperability requirements with custom built applications that the community really needs. Applications developed and integrated with the Carefluence Platform enable healthcare communities to share secure data in a meaningful context for efficient community based care processes.

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