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Introducing TelemedOnFHIR<sup>TM</sup>

Introducing TelemedOnFHIRTM

Empower your Telemedicine Solution with true Interoperability

TelemedOnFHIR™is the definitive answer to sustainable interoperability for Telemedicine. Proprietary APIs or generic interface engines are less efficient.

Virtual Care Challenge: The Hybrid Care Delivery Model 

  •  Telemedicine cannot operate in a silo. Greater adoption of virtual care and the maturity of its application will depend on how well it is integrated within a hybrid care delivery model.
  • Virtual Care platforms struggle with meaningful interoperability by relying on proprietary APIs and generic interface engines.
  • Patient safety, care-coordination and continuity of care drives the need for standards-based, sustainable interoperability.

The TelemedOnFHIR™ Solution

  • The Carefluence® TelemedOnFHIR™ platform is a standards-based interoperability platform for Telemedicine applications.
  • Unleash the power of virtual care by leveraging technology for a future-proof interoperability strategy.
  • All it takes is one connection to TelemedOnFHIR™’s FHIROne API to benefit from a multitude of possible data and workflow integrations with compliant EHRs or RPM systems.
  • Leverage the power of Carefluence® services to build SMART on FHIR applications – launch one application from another while maintaining true contextual reference. 

Professional Services for a Frictionless Experience

With professional services, Carefluence® can ease the burden on the Telemedicine vendor, even to support proprietary integration workflows involving HL7 v2 messages. Turn-key integration and implementation services can be completely managed by the Carefluence® professional services team.

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