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Demystifying Interoperability.

Pioneering Connected Health with FHIR®

Carefluence® redefines interoperability by creating cohesive FHIR-based healthcare data and workflow connectivity. The Carefluence® platform ensures standards-based data exchange across health IT systems for continuity of care, care coordination and patient safety.



FHIR® Interoperability Platform

Choose from a workbench of interoperability tools for your connectivity needs and ONC compliance.



Let’s empower your solutions with FHIR®

Solve your real world interoperability needs with the Carefluence® platform.


Our Excellence

Industry frontrunner for ONC-certified FHIR® API

The Carefluence® platform is shaping the future of integrated healthcare.



Who Benefits from Us

In a world of booming healthcare technology innovation and the growth of digital literacy, data silos are on the increase. Patient data is spread across applications and systems of care – many of them operating in islands of their own. Each of these applications and systems can benefit from a standards-based approach to data and workflow interoperability, so that care coordination and patient safety can be achieved.

Electronic Health Records and Health Information Systems

Standards-based Data Exchange & Connectivity. ONC compliance included.

Virtual Care Applications

 Interoperability Solutions for Telemedicine.

Remote Patient Monitoring

 Data and communication management for remote care devices and applications.

Health Information Exchanges and Data Aggregators

 Efficient Data Flow & Improved Data Quality based on enhanced standards.

Data Analytics and Visualization

 Employ a robust data acquisition strategy to improve data availability and quality.

HealthIT Applications and More

 Serving workflow, SMART-on-FHIR and data exchange needs

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