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A platform for platforms

The Carefluence® Meaningful Use-certified OpenAPI and FHIROne platforms open up a universe of data exchange to healthcare stakeholders, allowing them to collaborate to monitor, analyze and improve healthcare services across communities.

OpenAPI R4

Hosting and Licensing:

A comprehensive solution providing secure and scalable hosting services coupled with licensing options for seamless deployment of software applications


ONC Certification for 2015 Cures Act:

A solution offering certification services that ensure compliance with the ONC’s 2015 Cures Act, guaranteeing the highest standards in healthcare technology.

Inferno Testing for § 170.315(g)(10):

Precise testing solution designed to assess the conformity of healthcare systems with the specific requirements outlined in § 170.315(g)(10) using the Inferno testing framework.

API Documentation:

A solution offering meticulously crafted documentation for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), facilitating efficient integration and development processes.

Custom Integration:

Tailored integration solution allowing seamless connectivity between diverse software systems, enabling efficient data exchange and collaboration.

HL7 V2 Message Integrations:

Streamlined solution for integrating HL7 Version 2 messages, enhancing communication and interoperability within healthcare environments.

Partnership and Maintenance:

Comprehensive support solution that fosters partnerships and ensures the consistent upkeep and enhancement of healthcare technology systems.

Professional Services:

A suite of expert services encompassing consultation, implementation, and support to optimize the performance and impact of healthcare solutions.

HL7 CCDA Integrations:

Advanced solution for integrating HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CCDA) documents, enabling structured and secure exchange of patient health records.

EDI X12 Integrations:

Solution for seamless integration of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) X12 transactions, enhancing efficient data interchange in healthcare operations.

Integration Project Management:

Streamlined management solution for overseeing complex healthcare integration projects, ensuring successful execution and alignment with goals.


Innovative solution leveraging the SMART on FHIR standard to enable secure and interoperable integration of third-party applications with healthcare systems.

Integration Partners for Health IT Companies:

Collaborative solution bridging the gap between healthcare IT companies and integration experts to achieve seamless and effective system interoperability.

Software Development of Cloud Hosting OnFHIR Solutions:

Comprehensive solution involving software development and cloud hosting to create efficient and scalable OnFHIR solutions.

Flexible Hosting:

Flexible hosting on Azure or AWS or GCP or on-premises: secure and compliant hosting services for healthcare applications.

OAuth 2.0 Security:

Security solution implementing OAuth 2.0 protocol to ensure robust access control and authorization for healthcare data.

PKI Security:

Security solution leveraging Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to establish strong encryption and authentication mechanisms for healthcare systems.

User Management:

Solution providing efficient user management capabilities, ensuring secure access and appropriate permissions within healthcare platforms.

FHIROne Library:

Comprehensive library solution offering resources, tools, and support for the successful implementation and adoption of the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard.


Innovative solution combining telemedicine capabilities with the FHIR standard, enabling seamless integration and exchange of telehealth data.

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