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TelemedonFHIR™ – connectivity for Telemedicine/Virtual Care

The success and growth of Virtual Care applications are driven by its meaningful connectivity to and data exchange with EHR/EMR/HIS systems. Telemedicine cannot operate in a silo. Greater adoption of virtual care and the maturity of its application will depend on how well it is integrated within a hybrid care delivery model. Patient Safety, Continuity of Care and Care Coordination in Telemedicine need interoperability powered by TelemedonFHIRTM. Proprietary APIs and traditional interface engines are not efficient or future proof.


Enhanced Virtual Care Adoption

By ensuring robust connectivity and data exchange, TelemedonFHIRTM contributes to greater adoption of Virtual Care applications, enabling patients to receive care regardless of their physical location.

Improved Patient

Interoperability in Telemedicine enhances patient safety by ensuring that critical medical information is readily available to healthcare providers during remote consultations.

Continuity of

Ensures seamless data flow, promoting the continuity of care when patients transition between traditional healthcare and Telemedicine services.

Efficiency and Long-Term Viability

The elimination of proprietary APIs and traditional interfaces enhances the efficiency and long-term viability of Telemedicine, keeping it up to date with evolving healthcare technology standards and requirements.



Facilitation of Virtual Care Connectivity

TelemedonFHIRTMensures meaningful connectivity and seamless data exchange between Virtual Care applications and Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and Health Information System (HIS) platforms.

Integration within Hybrid Care Delivery

Recognizes the importance of integrating Telemedicine into hybrid care delivery models for enhanced patient safety, continuity of care, and effective care coordination.


Empowers Telemedicine with the necessary interoperability required to securely and efficiently exchange patient data between various healthcare systems.

Efficiency and Future-Proofing

Proprietary APIs and traditional interface engines are replaced by more efficient and future-proof solutions for a more adaptable Telemedicine infrastructure.

Get the most complete interoperability solution!

Interoperability isn’t just about compliance with federal standards. Being able to connect to other electronic health records systems, sync schedules for patient visits across various care sites, monitor patient vital signs remotely, drive decision support, and keep patients and their loved ones informed and much more are all made possible by Carefluence’s platform. It is difficult to find another vendor that provides solutions that are nearly as comprehensive, flexible, compliant, secure and customer friendly. Experience the Carefluence Excellence.

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