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Data Translator for Data Normalization

Our drop-in OpenAPI and FHIRoneTM platform has a built-in FHIR® translator to normalize data from disparate systems and, with read and write capabilities, to send and receive the data in the format needed. Not all systems of care are capable of meeting the FHIR® standard, but not to worry. With our data translation capability on the fly Carefluence® can accept and deliver data in the existing or required format. More than providing for backward compatibility, the translators can normalize data to FHIR® standards, enhancing data quality.


Seamless Data Integration

Facilitates the integration of data from disparate healthcare systems, ensuring smooth communication and data exchange.

Enhanced Data

Normalizes data to FHIR® standards, thereby improving the quality, accuracy, and usability of healthcare data.

Flexibility in Data Formats

Capable of translating data on the fly, it accepts and delivers information in various formats, catering to the diverse technological capabilities of healthcare systems.


Ensures that even legacy systems not compliant with FHIR® standards can be integrated, preserving the value of existing IT investments.



Built-in FHIR Translator

Comes equipped with a FHIR translator to normalize and convert data from different systems into FHIR-compliant formats.

Read and Write Capabilities

Supports both the ingestion (read) and dissemination (write) of data, enhancing the platform’s versatility in data handling.

On-the-Fly Translation

Offers real-time data translation, enabling the platform to handle and convert data as it is received or sent.

Normalization to FHIR Standards

Specifically designed to elevate data to meet FHIR standards, ensuring that data across systems is consistent, accurate, and interoperable.

Get the most complete interoperability solution!

Interoperability isn’t just about compliance with federal standards. Being able to connect to other electronic health records systems, sync schedules for patient visits across various care sites, monitor patient vital signs remotely, drive decision support, and keep patients and their loved ones informed and much more are all made possible by Carefluence’s platform. It is difficult to find another vendor that provides solutions that are nearly as comprehensive, flexible, compliant, secure and customer friendly. Experience the Carefluence Excellence.

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