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Infrastructure for SMART-on-FHIR Applications

The Carefluence® FHIR® workbench offers tools, infrastructure, and foundation to help develop SMART-on-FHIR applications. Being one of the earliest participants of the Argonaut Project the Carefluence® team has honed its skills and advanced its competency in the real life world of SMART-on-FHIR capability. Unlike single point-to-point integrations, the Carefluence® infrastructure provides for efficiency, scalability, and maintainability across multiple applications.


Enhanced Development Efficiency

The workbench provides developers with the necessary tools and resources, speeding up the development process of SMART-on-FHIR applications.


Leveraging experience from the Argonaut Project, Carefluence® offers advanced competency in SMART-on-FHIR, ensuring high-quality application development.

Support for Multiple Applications

Unlike point-to-point integrations, Carefluence’s infrastructure allows for the efficient management and integration of multiple applications, enhancing overall system functionality.


With a focus on scalability and maintainability, the infrastructure is designed to adapt to future advancements and requirements in healthcare IT, ensuring long-term viability.



Comprehensive Workbench

Offers a full suite of tools and infrastructure specifically designed for developing SMART-on-FHIR applications.

Expertise from Argonaut Project Participation

Carefluence’s involvement in the Argonaut Project has refined its expertise and capabilities in SMART-on-FHIR applications.


The infrastructure is built to efficiently scale, accommodating the growing needs and complexities of multiple applications.


Ensures ease of maintenance for SMART-on-FHIR applications, supporting long-term operational stability and performance.

Get the most complete interoperability solution!

Interoperability isn’t just about compliance with federal standards. Being able to connect to other electronic health records systems, sync schedules for patient visits across various care sites, monitor patient vital signs remotely, drive decision support, and keep patients and their loved ones informed and much more are all made possible by Carefluence’s platform. It is difficult to find another vendor that provides solutions that are nearly as comprehensive, flexible, compliant, secure and customer friendly. Experience the Carefluence Excellence.

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