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Adapters for non-FHIR server Connectivity

Not all systems of care are up to speed with FHIR®. But all need connectivity. To advance interoperability across non-FHIR systems on the Carefluence® FHIR® platform our set of adapters helps on-board these non-FHIR systems. Adapters help bring and deliver data as needed to and from end-user EHRs, third-party applications, and devices. Data normalization and consistency is still maintained by our real-time translator.



The adapter suite expands connectivity to non-FHIR systems, ensuring comprehensive interoperability across various healthcare systems.

Inclusive Data Integration

Allows data from non-FHIR systems to be integrated into the platform, enabling seamless data sharing across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Enhanced Data

Users can access data from non-FHIR systems, including EHRs, third-party applications, and devices, without restrictions, improving data availability and accessibility.

Data Quality

The real-time data translator maintains data normalization and consistency, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of information even when dealing with non-FHIR data sources.



Adapter Suite

Offers a comprehensive suite of adapters specifically designed for non-FHIR server connectivity.

Interoperability Enhancement

Facilitates the integration of non-FHIR systems, enabling communication with a broader range of healthcare systems.

Data Onboarding

Adapters help bring data from non-FHIR systems and deliver it to end-user Electronic Health Records (EHRs), third-party applications, and devices.

Real-time Data Translator

Ensures data normalization and consistency even when integrating non-FHIR systems, enhancing the quality and reliability of data across the platform.

Get the most complete interoperability solution!

Interoperability isn’t just about compliance with federal standards. Being able to connect to other electronic health records systems, sync schedules for patient visits across various care sites, monitor patient vital signs remotely, drive decision support, and keep patients and their loved ones informed and much more are all made possible by Carefluence’s platform. It is difficult to find another vendor that provides solutions that are nearly as comprehensive, flexible, compliant, secure and customer friendly. Experience the Carefluence Excellence.

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