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Terms and Conditions of Use

This page discusses the terms and conditions of using OpenAPI version 4.0

Documentation of Carefluence OpenAPI R4 and materials including Carefluence support of the FHIR® Specification (referred to as the “Materials”) have been made available to developers for development and testing. The Materials are provided to developers as-is with no other warranties expressed or implied. Developers may use the Materials with adherence to the below terms and conditions:

  1. Carefluence OpenAPI Administration portal has the most up-to-date documentation. Developers may keep copies of the Materials; however, they may not be distributed. Developers wishing to share the Materials may do so via linking other developers to the Materials hosted on the Carefluence OpenAPI Administration portal.
  2. Developers own developments using the Materials. Carefluence owns the Materials, as well as any improvements to or derivatives of the Materials, such as enhancements to the testing tools or documentation. A dynamic developer environment is encouraged. Any suggested improvements of the Materials may become part of the Materials without any obligation or notice to the submitter.
  3. Developers are responsible for the products developed and how the products connect to the community members’ software. Developers are also responsible for complying with all applicable laws, including not infringing on Carefluence’s or others’ intellectual property rights. Some interfaces listed on the Carefluence OpenAPI portal may require a customer to license additional functionality or build additional workflows, so developers are encouraged to work closely with Carefluence and mutual customers in order to avoid unfavorable results.
  4. Developers interested in advertising products using Carefluence OpenAPI, Carefluence’s name, or Carefluence’s logo, please contact to obtain permission.

Last Updated: Friday, May 05, 2022