Telemedicine Platforms

EHR Integration

Carefluence upgrades Telemedicine platforms from a modality to comprehensive clinical care by connecting it to a provider’s existing EHR and any other healthcare applications or devices that a provider needs. With the ability to access EHR records within the Telemedicine platform or the convenience of access to the Telemedicine platform from within the EHR Carefluence APIs facilitate connectivity and data exchange that makes for comprehensive clinical pathways and establishes a certified system of record.

RCM Integration

A true return on investment for providers is to have their Telemedicine platform connect to automatically to a revenue cycle management system to help facilitate claim processing and payment collection. The Carefluence APIs can generate a superbill that can be integrated to an EDI interface for 837/835 compliance.

Care Coordination

Most Telemedicine platforms need an integration engine to facilitate data exchange within a care coordination workflow. With Carefluence’s FHIR® API the integration can enhance data normalization for proper continuity of care in a variety of healthcare settings, including in home health care and post-acute care needs.

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