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A platform for platforms

The Carefluence® Meaningful Use-certified OpenAPI platform opens up a universe of data exchange to healthcare stakeholders, allowing them to collaborate to monitor, analyze and improve healthcare services across communities.

Connected care starts with the electronic health record; EHRs need a comprehensive interoperability strategy to enable patient portals, coordinate care, facilitate telehealth visits, allow remote patient monitoring and make the most of advanced clinical decision support systems.

Carefluence® ecosystem benefits



Carefluence® upgrades telehealth from a modality to comprehensive clinical care by connecting to a provider’s existing EHR and any other healthcare applications or devices. We connect telehealth to revenue cycle management systems for 837/835 claims compliance.


Care coordination

Most telehealth platforms need an integration engine to facilitate data exchange within a care coordination workflow. With Carefluence’s FHIR® API, the integration can enhance data normalization for proper continuity of care in a variety of healthcare settings, including in home healthcare and post-acute care.


Secure gateway

High levels of security risk exist at many hospitals, and maintaining a complex network of security and access protocols is costly. With OAuth authentication features, audit logs and user role permissions, the Carefluence® Healthcare Hub acts as an intermediary to provide a greater level of protection from hackers and improve HIPAA compliance among records handling systems.

We deliver results

The Carefluence® interoperability platform automatically connects EHRs and health IT modules at dozens of leading payers, providers and HIT vendors that have FHIR capability. Carefluence® was an original member of the Argonaut project, which created industry-wide standards for software that delivers consistent and accurate information exchange. Carefluence® demonstrated connectivity with leading EHRs and health IT systems.

Since 2016 Carefluence® has helped EHRs achieve compliance under “Promoting Interoperability,” fulfilling the requirements of the Office of the National Coordinator and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services:


For a large, 400-plus bed public, non-profit hospital in Michigan, Carefluence® put together an interoperability hub, using technology to facilitate the post-discharge transition of care. Carefluence® translated HL7 data from the Epic system to Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture, the most-used data format that paved the way for health record interoperability with physicians in the community. The goal is also for other technology vendors and associated physician organizations to utilize the hub technology to support a wide range of interoperability and care coordination needs in the community.


A large oncology EHR vendor with over 200 clinics as clients, each with an on-premises server, trusted Carefluence’s Open API platform with its “Promoting Interoperability” compliance and its CDS Hooks initiative (see our glossary), which aims to allow providers to take advantage of the rush of clinical decision support applications in development outside of the traditional EHR platforms. Providers seeking help with a clinical choice can send a request to a third-party application and see results within seconds without having to leave the EHR interface.


A regional health information exchange, now a part of a statewide HIE, is among the leading providers of health information exchange services in the U.S. Carefluence® facilitates connectivity with labs and clinics to send information such as immunization status to the HIE and back to the electronic health record for clinics in the HIE community.


Besides data interoperability, Carefluence® is facilitating workflow connectivity across multiple systems in an “application farm” to offer a comprehensive solution to a veterans’ community mental health system spread across 26 sites of care.


Carefluence® has delivered interoperability to telemedicine, and for one large customer, even enabled the automation of billing data transfer with CPT and ICD-10 codes from the telemedicine platform to the revenue cycle management system, enabling practice management integration.

Get the most complete interoperability solution! 

Interoperability isn’t just about compliance with federal standards. Being able to connect to other electronic health records systems, sync schedules for patient visits across various care sites, monitor patient vital signs remotely, drive decision support, and keep patients and their loved ones in the loop are all made possible by Carefluence’s software. No other vendor provides a solution that is nearly as comprehensive, flexible, secure and user-friendly.