Connecting ACOs, OSCs and Hospital Communities for IHI Triple Aim Goals

by Carefluence
8 years ago

Carefluence addresses ACOs, OSCs and Hospital community interoperability to achieve IHI Triple Aim Initiative goals for population health, patient experience and reduced costs.

Grand Blanc, MI, December 30, 2014 –(– Comet-IS is leading efforts in community communication for IHI Triple Aim goals to improve patient experience, population health and reduce medical costs with the announcement of general availability of its Carefluence platform. ACOs, OSC and most regional hospital communities are struggling with how to best unite their communities to communicate between multiple dissimilar EHR systems. The Carefluence platform provides a foundation for these environments where diverse systems and healthcare providers are required.

Carefluence is a technology platform that removes data-sharing boundaries and satisfies three keys to successful interoperability within medical communities: financial costs of building interfaces with disparate EHR systems, getting consistent and timely responses from EHR vendor interface developers and the technical difficulty of building interfaces while promoting IHI Triple Aim Initiative goals.

Securely sharing patient medical data within medical communities is a key component in reducing inappropriate and unnecessary medical procedures and the associated costs. Many existing medical record systems are not designed to easily share information. Within these environments, information in a patient’s primary provider’s office is often not available to a regional medical specialist or a surgeon within a local hospital. Sharing of information between hospitals, ACOs, OSCs and surrounding medical practices is often communicated via faxed or electronic documents requiring manual error prone data entry in order to get their medical records in sync. Carefluence allows all physicians within a medical community to work off the same set of medical records without manual intervention.

Unlike a Health Information Exchange (HIE) that simply moves information between dissimilar systems, the Carefluence EHR Gateway is an application platform with an open API that facilitates connecting EHRs, HIEs, ACOs, OSCs, Clinics and Labs. The Carefluence platform is secure, HIPAA compliant and is based on industry standards to keep it simple enough to quickly deliver solutions that improve efficiency in patient care. Carefluence Chief Technology Officer, Aditya Ayyagari, encouragingly expressed, “Our hope is to provide openness and encourage the community to view healthcare with broader objectives in mind.”

Carefluence has a track record of success with current clients in providing a platform for coordinated comprehensive healthcare and enabling data exchanges between multiple providers and hospital system applications in support of all three dimensions of the IHI Triple Aim. Comet-IS and their partners are developing applications with the Carefluence platform, enabling community connected applications to provide an openness and medical record portability. Carefluence encourages medical communities to achieve broader objectives than possible with typical EHR systems that utilize silos of proprietary data.

The Carefluence team encourages, and is aggressively assisting developers/ISVs to build interoperable healthcare applications in a meaningful context. Applications built within the scope of defined care community boundaries include EHR agnostic mobile interfaces, chronic disease management workflow engines, patient engagement apps and much more.

The mission of Carefluence is to demystify interoperability, make achieving community goals successful, reduce the cost of healthcare and increase the safety of all patients.

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