Four Ways Carefluence Builds on Interoperability and HL7 FHIR® Standards

Learn more about Data Access Framework (DAF) FHIR® Profile, Carefluence FHIR® Transformer and Carefluence Process Modeler for FHIR® resources.

Grand Blanc, MI, September 27, 2015 –(– Comet-IS has extended the HL7 FHIR® enabled Carefluence platform to now support the DSTU2 version, the Data Access Framework (DAF) FHIR® Profile, the Carefluence FHIR® Transformer and the Carefluence Process Modeler for FHIR® resources to support Smart on FHIR® for application development and custom data exchange requirements.

DSTU2 version
DSTU2 is the latest specification released by HL7. Carefluence supports DSTU2 for all the resources. DSTU2 enables Carefluence to connect to applications developed with “Smart on FHIR®” client frameworks allowing medical communities and patients to view data in a meaningful context. In addition, this support enabled Carefluence to industrialize its functionality with the Argonaut project data.

Data Access Framework (DAF) FHIR® Profile
Data Access Framework (DAF) FHIR® profile enables the Carefluence platform to support validation of CRUD operations on its FHIR® resources in the Meaningful Use Context and has been recommended for Electronic Health Record (EHR) testing for Open API. The DAF profile sits on top of the Carefluence platform’s FHIR® standard to provide additional data requirements when sending or receiving data. Carefluence can customize profiles for each specialty, condition, patient type, department, etc. and define what type of information and how the information is required to be shared and received.

Carefluence FHIR® Transformer
The Carefluence FHIR® Transformer is a new service embedded inside the Carefluence Platform. Carefluence can now receive HL7 messages or CCDA files and the Transformer translates them into an appropriate FHIR® resource. This feature aids integration with legacy systems and MU2 certified systems that send their data as HL7 messages and as CCDA files. The Carefluence platform will translate them into an appropriate resource saving valuable time and resources that interface teams use during manual transformations of messages from one EHR to another.

Carefluence Process Modeler for FHIR® resources
The Carefluence Process Modeler application allows users to define clinical rules that can trigger actions and plans suggesting procedures, lab tests and PQRS codes for reporting and process management purposes. Carefluence delivers these actions via RESTful APIs and can be shown in a separate API or within an EHR. The Process Modeler can be particularly useful to POs/PHOs, ACOs and other healthcare communities and applications that drive quality measures and community goals for varying healthcare populations.

With the Carefluence suite of technologies and applications ISVs can move toward holistic interoperability solutions for Hospitals, ACOs, Government Agencies and large medical communities. The latest extension to the Carefluence FHIR® enabled platform is the beginning of continued development in the area of healthcare interoperability for Carefluence products and services.