You have your G 10 Certification. Now what?

EHR vendors took on the challenge and obtained their certification from the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for G 10 criteria. Whether they implemented an integrated solution or licensed a standalone third-party FHIR® server for their customers, they checked the compliance box for a “Standardized API for patient and population services”.

In keeping with the spirit and purpose of the rule, checking the compliance box is not enough. Achieving interoperability is the overarching goal.

Under the API Maintenance of Certification requirement, the health IT developer needs to demonstrate and put to real world use the “standardized API”. With the solution they have implemented their EHR needs to be capable of true interoperability.

Also, the health IT developer should go further and ensure that none of its actions constitute information blocking or impede the suitable access and exchange of electronic health information.

A SMART platform like Carefluence® holds out the promise and demonstrated capability for true interoperability, while satisfying the need of ONC compliance as well.