Cures Act EHR Compliance: Time is Running Out

Complying with the 21st Century Cures Act requirement to demonstrate that an electronic health record is able to securely share data with patients and other providers –known as the G(10) Standardized API for Patient and Population Services – should be job 1 for vendors and providers.

The Dec. 31 deadline for EHR vendors to have tested and received certification through an ONC- authorized authority (or a date set for certification) is just days away. Varying penalties, including fines, will apply thereafter. A significant number of the nation’s EHRs are yet to be listed on the Certified Health IT Product List as having complied with the G (10) requirement.
The testing bodies are overwhelmed. Failure to comply leads to financial penalties. Hospitals and physician offices may not be aware of this, but they could lose Medicare revenue for failing to have a compliant EHR.

There is some good news though: EHR vendors can achieve compliance through third party sources. It all boils down to available resources versus the amount of time left before the deadline.

There is the option for testing and certifying electronic health record software to show that it meets the criteria of at minimum a “base” system. At a minimum, the EHR must::

  • Include all patient demographic and clinical health information
  • Provide clinical decision support
  • Support physician order entry
  • Capture and query information relevant to healthcare quality
  • Be able to exchange electronic health information with, and integrate such information from other sources

If EHR vendors do not have the time, or they cannot get a testing date, they can license a system such as Carefluence’s, and without integrating or testing offer it to their customers in order to fulfill the need of a
base electronic health record.

Our plug-and-play solution utilizes our FHIR ® R4 server and includes a built-in transformer for data normalization, providing you with connectivity to any health information system, EHR, patient portal, lab or other system without requiring point-to-point interfaces.

Carefluence understands that each of our clients has a unique business model, so we tailor our installation to your needs. Our technical team will be involved in the certification process at every stage until G(10) compliance is achieved.